Australia FAQ's

General Information

This event is an alcohol and drug free.  All bags will be checked at the entry point. No open containers. No glass objects are permitted on site. No pets allowed. Come by public transport. Dress sun smart. 
In an event of wet weather please check our Facebook HERE

Can I get a VIP pass?

These are limited and if you’re eligible for one, we are already in touch with you. Please do not hassle us for one.

Is this an all ages event?

This is an all ages event however, children under the age of 3 are not recommended to attended and are not permitted to sit on persons lap in the grand stand seating.

Can I get free stuff?

There is a lot of free product handed out throughout the day. There is every chance you will get something. If you pester or annoy then you should expect nothing. DO NOT hassle the pros for free stuff. Let them do what they came to do which is put on an amazing show for you. Thank them for their effort and you may get lucky.

Can I volunteer?

Due to liability issues we limit volunteering to small jobs such as rubbish pick up, etc. If you are keen and available we’d be stoked and we will do whatever we can to get you some product to say thanks.

Can I work for ABC?

We have an existing team who know the ropes and get things done quickly and professionally. If we have vacancies become available we will generally find new team members through our existing squad.

How do I get a media pass?

The media outlet you work for knows how to do this. They will be in touch with us to ensure their authorised representatives are there to get the best shots/film/editorial. If you are not professional media please do not contact us for a media pass. We simply do not have room on the platform for you. This all comes down to rider safety and respect for the viewing public.

Is there disabled access?

Yes. Please get in touch early so we can organise this properly. On the day we have several thousand fans and it can be hard without prior organisation to ensure proper access routes are dedicated and viewing space left available.

What should I do in the case of an incident?

Please find a security guard immediately. They will then handle the situation.